USTOA is the largest tour-based travel organization in the world with hundreds of members from small, local bus tours to to major cruise lines. Seeking to revamp their web presence after 40 years, USTOA called Wang.Media. I led the project which focused on moving a vestigial Access database which had been used for everything from CRM to accounting online. Using blazing-fast Zend optimized LAMP architecture, a custom e-commerce solution, and integrating into hard and soft office solutions, USTOA was launched this January. » Visit USTOA
Nelma Inspector App
NELMA, or the North East Lumber Manufacturers Association, has high standards. They literally wrote the book on such important wood standards as White Pine and Eastern Spruce. They asked me to create an app for that book back in 2010. To view that app for the iPhone, click here and for iPad, here. However, that wasn't enough - they also wanted to create a solution for their actual graders in the field which led to the NeLMA Inspection App and the NeLMA Wood Packaging App - while you can't use these unless you work for NeLMA, I'd be glad to show you these great apps in person. » Visit Nelma
Copic Markers is the gold-standard of markers for artists, particularly manga artists. Distributed in the US by Imagine International, their following is enviable. But turning those people into a force of marketing on their own took vision. Through JaredWilliam, I worked with a small team to build a from-scratch social network, including everything from standard social sharing and communicating apps to custom color-based technologies including a first-of-its kind image color reader that could tell you what Copic markers would be used to color a user-uploaded photo. » Visit Copic Color
NYCRx iPhone App
NYCRx, a leader in New York City discount prescriptions, wanted a mobile solution that would appeal to their client base. I worked with them not only on a simple iPhone and Android app, but also on an SMS-based automatic response system, allowing users with any kind of phone to receive the critical discounts they need. To accomplish this, we need to access a database of thousands of pharmacy locations visually as well as in list-form, all in a bi-lingual context.
» Visit NYCRx
Almost Famous
Almost Famous sells hip fashions to everyone from Macy's to Hot Topic. When they wanted to launch a fun and comprehensive new web strategy, they called on Wang.Media. I led the team that moved off-site, leveraging a huge Facebook following and nourishing a growing Twitter presence using contests, UGC, and star power to push the brand to the next level. Using rich media, focusing on lively YouTube interaction, we worked not just as creators, but as consultants, giving the Almost Famous office the tools they needed to keep their momentum and keep up with a fast-paced and vibrant industry. » Visit Almost Famous
The Leap Motion Controller is, in my opinion, the beginning or at least the first real player in what I call the Third Wave of computer interaction. This is the kind of interaction where you are talking neither to the computer itself (like a touch screen) nor to an intermediary device (like a mouse.) Rather, you are communicating in a truly human way - gesturing. I'm excited to have been chosen as an early developer, and I have built some simple web apps for the Leap. What's more exciting is that the Leap will soon be available built into Acer laptops and at Best Buy stores - expanding the audience of this amazing device. » Visit my Leap Demo
NYCRx is a non-profit spin-off of the New York Department of Health focused on making medication affordable. While I built on the launch site four years ago, I was asked to come back and re-launch for 2013. The new site ties into the new iOS and Android apps which I also built. Unique features include a comprehensive partner physician database and interactive map, SOAP web services, and a dynamic membership card generator. On the backend, NYCRx monitors interest and usage with a comprehensive statistical dashboard. » Visit NYCRx
American Atheists
American Atheists is the largest skeptic/atheist organization in the country. As a proud volunteer and member-of-the-year award winner, I have built everything from iOS apps to a custom Quickbooks integration suite to connect to online and mobile assets to major sections of the website. Most recently, my design and logo work has been featured on major billboards throughout the country, and on news networks such as Fox and MSNBC. Several times I have been contacted for permission to do this - my answer of course has been a resounding, Yes! » Visit American Atheists
The Power
The Power, led by New York lawyer and gay rights activist Jeff Campagna, needed to create a petition website and a point of contact for gay rights legislation before the historic Marriage Equality Act of New York to be sponsored by heavy hitters like Edge, Tommy Boy, Washington Blade and others. I proudly volunteered with designer Cynthia Wang to create this site in under 12 hours. We were excited to be, in the smallest of ways, part of this important and good legislative victory. I am always open to volunteering for any organization that expands minds and promotes rights. » Visit The Power