The Future

As we fall headlong into the future I take heart in the trends. Not the 24-hour news channel Dr. Phil reality that everything's gotten and getting worse, not the grandfather-speak about how good it was so long ago. I'm really excited about right now. I live in a great, safe, prosperous city, I want for nothing - and every song I ever loved is inside one tiny little box which is also my cell phone. If I get bored tonight, I might watch one of thousands of movies or tv shows without leaving my house. When I'm wondering where my daughter is, I can send her a short message and she'll get it in seconds - if she's downtown or if she's in another country.

The most fantastical kings and queens couldn't have imagined the comfort and the connectedness of my life right now, right here. In the history of mankind we have never lived longer, been happier or felt safer. As Pinker tells us, our chance of being violently murdered was 1/50th of what it was 500 years ago. And that's not to mention how much less slavery, warfare and of course disease we face than our ancestors ancient and not so ancient. Tim Minchon points out that for all our distance from pure water and the chemicals in the air (and make no mistake, I'd prefer there be fewer!) we still live twice as long as people just a century ago. I live in Manhattan, on 42nd street. My kids can go out at night here. You couldn't say that 20 years ago. When I was a kid, you didn't want to get stuck in a park at night. Now you can traipse through the Bronx. The world we live in right now is better than the world our parents lived in. It's far better than the one our grandparents lived in. Now, if you disagree, fine. Please leave this site. But if you get this simple and crucial point - that the world can get better, then you can understand me. I believe in a Star Trek future. I see gods and other superstitions fading in our memories as we progress into a better, cleaner, safer world. I see art and culture flourishing. Hell - even our TV shows are better written then they were 20 years ago.

And this is why I build and create - from websites to hardware to art to poetry. Because it can all be better, more amazing and more wonderful. I'm so sure of this, I dedicate my life to it. Come with me, and let's see what can be done.